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“Exploring Opportunities, Empowering Generations”


Our projects are inspired by the desire to see young people take charge by exploring all resources available. Our main aim is to reach out to as many young people as possible with the skills and knowledge to volunteer to develop the potentials of our participants. Our activities are aimed at equipping members with entrepreneurial skills, IT and management.

Personal Development

We believe that individuals carry the potential to be change leaders and would require some coaching, training and supervision to encourage people to take up opportunities and new challenges to discover their abilities and work with them.

Outreachs And Education

We are concerned about the welfare of children because they are the future and they hold the key to Africa’s biggest successes. Our outreach programs mainly center on women and children in the areas of health and general well-being, sanitation campaigns.

Our Awesome Team

Kofi Agyekum

Finance Operations

I am the money guy. I work with the team to get sufficient fun..

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Abigail M. Agbosu

Projects Coordinator

Abigail serves as the project coordinator to introduce concept..

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Amanda O. Hughes


Amanda is a native of Ghana. She is well known for her love an..

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“Exploring Opportunities Changing Lives Empowering Generations”

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“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.”– Marian Wright Edelman

Our Core Values

Our passion and dedication is fuelled by our desire to improve the lives of the people and to see the youth become proactive and strategic in their thoughts and actions in all aspects of life.


We are committed to ensuring and demonstrating our integrity in terms of economy, effectiveness, management and efficiency. Our projects are funded by generous donors and we strive to give them value for their money in all our dealings.


We endeavor to approach issues in a very practical manner by investigating all possible alternatives and implement initiatives to them.

Valuing People

In all of our activities we ensure that the people involved, both team members and beneficiaries are our top most priority. We ensure that no harm comes to anyone and also that individual rights are valued above social status. We encourage all-inclusiveness and mutual respect without discrimination.


We strive for honesty and transparency in all our dealings with volunteers, partners and all other organisations we work with. We do not compromise on our integrity, it defines us.

Creativity, Innovation and Fun

We promote creativity and fun in all our activities. We ensure that all participants have the most fun while learning valuables skills. Our education and empowerment projects demonstrate this best. We play and learn.

What Some Inspired People Say...

Our tagline “Exploring Opportunities Changing Lives Empowering Generations” steers us to identify and address these social, cultural and economic problems.

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FIREFLY is solely dependent on funding from other organizations and individuals through proposals and fundraising activities both locally and internationally. We also partner with agencies and individuals to embark on projects in line with our focus areas.