Adehye Campaign

For a variety of reasons, including the growing disparity in resources and opportunities between Ghana’s mostly rural North and its urban South, the numbers and patterns of internal migration have changed dramatically over the last twenty years. This is sustained by the incessant perception of abundant job opportunities in the south. Recently, young girls and women who migrate to work as head porters have dominated the phenomenon. Its quiet unsettling to note that inspite of the harsh conditions under which they live and work “rural-urban migration” to Accra and Kumasi Metropolis continuous to persist. Complementary data from 100 head porters and five institutions revealed that most of the head porters were children (under age 15) living in harsh and hazardous conditions which include poor housing, health care delivery, nutrition, and water and sanitation.

The focus of this project is on women and children who have migrated from their villages up north to the big cities in the country seeking greener pastures, escaping from forced and child marriages or for other reasons. The project aims to reduce the rural urban migration as a means of addressing the sparse development and poverty in some Ghanaian communities. A well-structured association will be formed to empower these women as well as maximizing their profits using their numbers and partnering with the right quarters. Project participants will also receive training and the necessary education, assistance and skills needed to establish and sustain their own businesses back in their home towns.